The Beauty Within

Mature, upbeat, positive message for all women to take seriously! Being real, natural, and free is a beautiful thing!


Glycerin yummy!

Glycerin is great! It really softens my coarse hair. I am wearing a blown out Afro, and I am loving the look and feel that this natural product has for my hair. I was a little weary about blow drying my natural hair since it is so kinky; I just knew the heat would break it off. But applying the glycerin and mango butter protected it and even 2 days later, it still feels soft. Yay!

At night I section my hair in small Afro puffs so I won’t have a big matted bush when I wake up to the beautiful sun! I use an afro pick so the sectioned spaces are filled in. Voilà!

My Hair So Soft!

Yesterday, I sat at work fingering through my hair, and becoming more and more intrigued, but at the same time more frustrated. I noticed that I had lots of split ends, and that my hair was so dry! I had to do something! As soon as I got home I ran to the sink to wash my hair. I had been using Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and Conditioner, along with a cheap Pantene knock-off conditioner. But this weekend when I went home, my mother and I went grocery chopping and found Giovanni poos and conditioners on close-out in BiLo! $3.74 each! I wanted to stock up…but I controlled myself. Anyway, this is what I decided to use this time on my hair. I desperately needed more moisture! I used the knock-off conditioner, clipped my ends with the conditioner still in, then rinsed. I washed my hair using the Smooth As Silk Giovanni poo (by the way, using the conditioner 1st breaks down any oily barriers so that you only need a dime-sized amount of poo for the entire head). I rinsed, and then used the SAS Giovanni conditioner. I threw on my 2-laered shower cap; I did some straightening up in the apartment, and then sat under the dyer for 25 minutes. I rinsed, and then applied Giovanni Direct-Leave In. Sectioning off approximately 3-inch parts; I plaited my hair all over. I covered with a head wrap, and that was it. This morning, I took down the plaits with my fingers covered in Giovanni Leave In and a little organic serum (Shitaki). My mom let me have her afro pick from the 70’s, and I used this to fluff. I put on a head-band and voilà!

I am at work now, and as I touch my hair, it feels so silky smooth. YAY! I needed that!