I’m No Longer a Junkie

A Product Junkie, that is..

I don’t use any fancy, and, or expensive shampoo, conditioner. I don’t put anything on my hair except a little sweet almond oil as I twist while my hair it’s still wet. It is one thing to be off the creamy crack, but can you wean yourself off other chemicals that could be clogging your pores, or making your skin sensitive with harsh fragrances?

Giovanni Golden Wheat Poo: Have You Seen It?

I wanted to do a review of all Giovanni Products, since I am a big fan. I thought that I had tried them all (at least all of the shampoos and conditioners in the Organics line), but I noticed from thier website, that there is one that I have never seen in any stores that carry Giovanni. It is the

8.5oz Golden Wheat Shampoo

Have you seen it? What is it like? Where did you find it? How much is it?