ok. so I am still taking Biotin, but just in a different “form” I got a prenatal vitamin…yes it is for pregnant women, and no I am not prego! It was recommended to me by a health professional. This is basically a multivitamin with everything you can imagine, but also with probiotics. 30 tablet for 10 bucks. From Whole Foods. On sale. Take one per day. There are mixed views on prenatal vitamins, so more on that to come maybe.

I really got this so that I could combine Vitamin D, biotin and B vitamins in one pill. It is really all about Vitamin D. I am really interested in how important it really is. Maybe this article will help. Also, when doing research on particular nutrients, or vitamins, try to look up some SCIENTIFIC papers on the subject, don’t just go with whatever I say. lol!