If you ever get the itch to be creative or learn something new, try pottery making. It is one of the most relaxing activities that at the same time lets your imagination run wild. As you squish your hands in the cool wet clay, you will get a little messy, but it is always worth it. Touching, molding, pushing, and pulling the clay is just the half of it, once you have set your style, you can splash bright and funky colored glazes or traditional matte finishes to the art. In my class this summer, I didn’t make any fancy flower pots or magnificent mugs, but I did create little masterpieces that I can truly cherish.

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Knitting is an addiction! I am making cute summer head-wraps for locs (and for all hair styles). they will be soon featured on my ETSY page: KnititNappy

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These last few days, I have been doing a whole lotta Soul Searching! I have been reading, dancing, singing, writing poems, crying, listening to folk, African, classical and Caribbean music, finding websites that discuss the struggles of the black diaspora. And I feel great. I have also been crocheting, knitting, and volunteering at a craft circle for refugee families. I have learned so much about myself, my new environment, and my future! I am single for the first time in 12 years! My strength comes from within now for the first time in a long time! I have had time to breathe. I have had time to be alone. I have had time to think. I want to get this blog back up, and show a new side of me. I cannot promise I won’t go MIA again, but I am doing my best to shape and mold a multitude of broad interests into a core of blended goodness to share with you!

As Dolly Parton said: You "better get to livin'"!