Nubiahood Radio: The Sound of Consciousness

About Us
Life… goes from childhood to adulthood to godhood. Somewhere in there you gotta reach your nubiahood… that stage of questioning, wondering and learning about your ancestry and culture.

Nubiahood Radio exists to inform, motivate, stimulate, and even agitate the minds of the African Diaspora to act in the best interests of our people. Through music that uplifts, programs that educate, as well as forums that connect minds seeking light we provide a daily progressive dose of reality.

There is minimal, if any, real and informative music being played on the airwaves… In any major urban market it is evident the entertainment industry is committed to promoting consumerism that manipulates our resources, disrespects our self and our communities, and is just plain buffoonery. Nubianhood Radio overstands that these practices are in place by design and we work to establish awareness, discipline, a conscious self-determination, and respect for life as basic principles in our communities.

The majority of our programming focuses on self-empowerment, political awareness, economic responsibility, and an holistic love of life. You will be inspired, motivated, and informed by musicians with whom you may be well aware, those up and coming, and those considered underground. We balance our programming with music that is popular and mainstream, yet still respects the principle of creativity with a purpose.

If you are aware of the social traps that continue to ensnare our people….NubianHoodRadio was made for you. If you are not aware of the designed peril in our society NubianHood radio is definitely for you. If you seek music that elevates your consciousness NubianHoodRadio exists for you. If you seek music that simply makes you feel good and nod your head we created this station for you. If you realize that health and spirituality have become commodities to be bought and sold we are definitely for you; and if you don’t care and just want to chill we got you covered to…We exist for we…All of we!

We are a buzz in the ear of the sleeping giant, the sun basking through your window at dawn, a light guiding through darkness… and the sound of the Uncle Ruckus getting sniped by the Santa Stalker. We are serious about the business of being playful at heart, and playful while committed to our work.

Alliances and Coalitions is how work gets done and movements intitiated. Our work is to join, connect, and align those who seek to revolution of the mind, liberation from fear and doubt, and strength through the support of like minds. The only way a flea eats the elephant is one bite at a time!

Think I’m going to try this: Loc Brushing 101