Ma, I want some collards!

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!

Whenever I think about the holidays, I get a warm feeling of food, laughter and especially family. I am sure I am not alone on that. But, I also think about how the holidays can be a  way to be adventurous and create new memories, or time to think of ways to lively-up the old traditions. I was searching the web a little, and came across this Paula Deen video with Gina Neely showing how to make collard greens, a southern staple that I miss being made in the kitchen I grew up in (I don’t miss the smell, though lol!). I decided to get some and try out the recipe, but on smaller scale. The goal is to get a nice  healthy dose of leafy-green veggies (instead of a of heart-attack) so I left out the ham-hock! The meal: Collard greens, white jasmine rice, tofu steaks with caramelized onions, and black beans> YUM!

Paula Deen and Gina Nealy collards

5 thoughts on “Ma, I want some collards!

  1. you read my mind! i was just looking for a recipe for collard greens (a raw one for me and a cooked one in case i’m making it for someone who prefers it that way). many thanks! looks like you got a really good bunch there all green and pretty. bon appetit!

  2. Thanks! they came out pretty good. I didn’t let mine cook for hours though; I didn’t want to boil away all the nutrients. I hope you enjoy yours too! Since you are raw food lady, have you any ideas/uses for fresh lemongrass?

  3. I switched up my families recipe… my family started using smoked turkey years ago, but they up’d the fat (lard, grease…). I replaced that with olive oil and every goes crazy over my greens. I am on greens duty this weekend.

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