ok. so I am still taking Biotin, but just in a different “form” I got a prenatal vitamin…yes it is for pregnant women, and no I am not prego! It was recommended to me by a health professional. This is basically a multivitamin with everything you can imagine, but also with probiotics. 30 tablet for 10 bucks. From Whole Foods. On sale. Take one per day. There are mixed views on prenatal vitamins, so more on that to come maybe.

I really got this so that I could combine Vitamin D, biotin and B vitamins in one pill. It is really all about Vitamin D. I am really interested in how important it really is. Maybe this article will help. Also, when doing research on particular nutrients, or vitamins, try to look up some SCIENTIFIC papers on the subject, don’t just go with whatever I say. lol!

4 thoughts on “Vi-ta-mins…continued

  1. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to start takig Vitamin D3, ad already take Biotin, so it souds like this one may be a good choice since it also has Vitamin B.

  2. Hey J! How long have you been taking these vitamins? Are there any side effects or anything? Do you notice any changes to your hair?

    • Nubian Empress
      Thank you for commenting!
      I have been taking these prenatal vitamins for about a month, and biotin +B12 for about 2 months prior. (And other multi-vitamins on and off for years.)
      I have not noticed any adverse side effects; I have noticed that my intestinal function has improved, probably do the probiotics. (and I had minor intestinal problems such as bloating that could be improved).

      My hair has not really changed since I have been on biotin (and these vitamins), so I am not 100% convinced that these vitamins are beneficial for hair growth. There has been some controversy on this. I need to do some more research on the issue. I just know for sure that Vitamin D (supplementation or from sun exposure) is beneficial for many body functions; basically over all health.

      I hope that answers your question…please feel free to ask for more info. I am glad to do some literature searches for you if you want to know more. As a grad student that is all I do anyway! lol!

      Thanks, and please keep reading sonappy!

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