No Sugar…Take 2

I have decided to cut out all refined sugars, and most carbs (except for whole grains; but still sparingly). This is the second time in the last few years that I decided to do this, I must admit. But this time I feel more confident. This should be pretty easy now that I got a good little cookbook called 100 Best Health Foods by Love Food. If you want to buy the book, you can but I am planning on doing a summary of each of the foods about once a week for your convenience, and knowledge. So the first food in the book is…Apples! So I will create a summary and add a link to a recipe or two in the next post.

I have ventured to Food City, a hispanic grocery store with the cheapest fruits and veggies! I got 10lbs of oranges for less than $2 the other week. Yes 10lbs! And they were big juicy fresh oranges. I also picked up some fresh cilantro which is supposed to be great for detoxification. And lots of other foods such as :

sweet potatoes (good carbs),


green onions,



pears (Bosc),

honeydew melon,

acorn squash,

green and yellow peppers,





dried apricots,


natural coco powder pudding,




sesame seeds,

raw honey,



and sunflower seeds.

My boyfriend is also supposed to be doing this No Sugar change (don’t want to call it a diet), because we both have been eating too many sweets. More importantly we both suffer from skin issues: inflammation, dry skin, and…staph infections. I know, how embarrassing, but I am sure we are not the only ones. So I found this article about how to beat MRSA by changing your diet, taking bleach baths (only using a small amount of bleach, don’t worry), and boosting your immune system with various vitamins. So what better time to start something new than the New Year!


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