Dry Hair in AZ

So I moved to Tucson, AZ on July, 5, 2010. It  was over 100 degrees the entire first week I got here. And so so so DRY! I would wake up with a dry mouth, eyes, and especially hair! I could just tug gently on my hair and it would fall right out. Wooh. Not good. My body had to adjust, and with a lot of water-drinking and rest, I think I am back to equilibrium. I was also pretty stressed with moving so far away from home, trying to find a place to live, working out boyfriend issues, etc, etc. I am glad that I made the move though. I think I will learn to like Tucson, and my hair will earn to deal with the dry heat.


Little update on my dreads; It has been 17 days since I got them twisted, and they are beginning to look a little smooshed and messy. I will have to deal with it because I just want to get them re-twisted once a month, if that. I have a bad habit of messing with my hair, not good for dreadlocking, and my hair dresser said that once they start to lock, you do not want to keep fingering them or getting them done to often or they will fall out! I will wait till mid Sept to get them done again, and in the mean time try to break my habit!

Work outs. Or lack thereof. I used to get up every morning at 6am and go walking at the track right behind my house, but since school has started, I have been very slack. I wanted to start this hip hop dance class, but it cost $30/month, and why do that when I can walk or run for free? I need to just make up my mind on how I want to stay in shape, and keep my stress level down, and ultimately cut my habit of pulling at my hair. lol! I will let you all know what I decide to do. The classes are on Sat afternoon, which is convenient too,…don’t know..AHH!

Hands in. Hair

I cannot seem to keep my hands out of my hair. I did ok at first but now every 2 minutes I am pulling or something. What to do.

Dreadlock Date Set

I went to Posse (a nice salon in Tucson, AZ) yesterday. They were having a Cut-a-Thon. Hair cuts, manicure, and some waxing were $5. And they were raising money for children for school supplies. Great place. I met my new hairdresser, Dianna. She is also from SC, and her birthday is also in July, and she also has dreads. Wow, huh? So she cut my hair, and she is going to start my dreadlocks on Wed. I am so excited! I hope they grow really fast, and I can swing them around, and hit people in the face with them. LOL! JK! But, I know I will be happy with them. Update soon.


I’m Back!

Ok. I have been neglecting my blog for a long while now!

 I know I am sorry!

I have been very busy. I was working 2 jobs, and trying to get my life together so that I could make my move to Arizona for grad school. Now I am here in Tucson, and I am settled, but I will probably get more busy when classes start. Right now I am cool. So I will try to post info and updates as much as possible. I was, and still am, very proud of my blog, so I don’t want to abandon it any longer. Since I have been so busy, I have also neglected my hair, which is now pretty damaged with split ends. I know, you are wondering ‘how could I do such a thing’. Well I did not intend for this to happen, but natural hair takes a lot of time and care, which I literally did not have to give. So now that I have a little money in my pocket, I am actually going to try to go to a hair dresser here in Tucson (there aren’t many black hair salons here) that specializes in natural hair. I will have to let you know how this goes. So stay tuned while I vamp back up and get back to posting for yall.