Busy Bee

I have been neglecting my blog. I know. I have been busy trying to plan the next 5 months of my life. Trying to move across the country alone and with little money is challenging, but I will do it! I have no choice. So my blog has been neglected for good reason. When I get it all worked out, then I’ll be back with more fun topics on healthy hair/life . Wish me the best!


This WOW is not necessarily a good WOW! I tried this product for the first time yesterday. And  I had to try it again today. Lets just say, I did not get it right the first time, and I am not sure even this time if it will come out the way it should. I have very thick, thick, thick, tight, tight, tight curly hair. I don’t have long wavy hair at all. Maybe when it grows out more, it will fall better, but for now, I have a nappy bush. I love my nappy bush because it is healthy, soft, manageable (I can comb right through it even with a rat tail comb when it is wet), and mine! I have a feeling that these KC products are for people with really short TWAs or long (tight or wavy curls) hair that can fall in a spiral fashion. 

 I washed my hair 3 times yesterday with the KC shampoo, and applied Knot Today, and KCCC. I sectioned my hair, and I thought that I followed the directions properly. I made bantu knots so that I could sleep without matting my hair. The next morning I took down the knots, fluffed a little, and YIKES! WHITE FLAKES GALORE! not cool! But I had to do something, so I pushed up the edges for some sort of style, stopped touching my hair because that made the flaking worse, and went to work. I vowed that I would get this technique right, so today, I washed my hair again (hoping that it would not dry out…the weather has been warm though), applied a very small small amount of KT, and used a spray bottle to wet my hair ALOT before I applied the KCCC. I even watched a few trusty YouTube videos to see if I should use a comb or just use fingers to work it in… Fingers.  I tried me best; while it is wet, it looks pretty good, but that is what I said yesterday too…and the next morning it turned out looking like my head was in the dryer with white towels! So we will see how this turns out tomorrow morning when its dry!

So since I spent almost $50 bucks on this line of products, I said I would at least give it a few weeks, if I wash my hair every week. Sometimes  my hair needs to get used to a certain product. I had been using Giovanni for a year or so, and this is a big change. I hope it is a welcomed one, although if and when money becomes an issue, I will have to veer back to what I know.

Call me Doc

Dear Jennifer,


On behalf of the Physiological Science Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, we are very pleased to offer you the opportunity to earn a Ph.D. degree in Physiological Sciences at the University of Arizona. We are looking forward to presenting you with a challenging, productive and enjoyable program of study.


YAY! I got accepted into a GREAT program! Thank you to all who believed in me!