Follow-up to “Like Butter Baby”

Well I got my new Shea butter in! YAY! It’s great! It is much more smooth and light. It is not oily/greasy like the RA cosmetics brand. This Shea butter was ordered from eBay from cocoabutterstore. I got 2 lbs. of Shea butter for $19.50 (free shipping…well probably shipping included). And I also purchased 1 lb of mango butter for $14. Which is pretty good since it goes a long way. The blocks of butters came in saran wrap and in a plastic baggie. At first I thought…wow! But it works fine, I did not have to take it out and put it in another container. These butters are much better quality! And I really think that these are not refined, unlike the ones that are sold in retail and health food stores. So I am convinced and pleased!


Also check out these journal articles that I found that list good descriptions and benefits for different plants, natural cosmetics and products:


plant species yielding vegetable oils used in cosmetics and skin care products




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