Thank you Keith O. for speaking truth!


2 thoughts on “Thank you Keith O. for speaking truth!

  1. Many people are so ignorant and detached from the human condition. What’s scary is that the sentiments of these two ignoramuses are more than likely mirrored by certain groups throughout the superpower in which we reside in. An existential approach and perspective to life and tragedies such as these must be adopted because if not, cold, heartless, soulless and inhumane comments will arise. The question about how and why this took place should not even be a discussion, but rather, what, where, when and how can we improve the immediate living conditions of those destitute individuals in Haiti. What if natural disasters displaced and killed everyone of Limbaugh’s and Robertson’s family. What if other countries or people not effected by the natural disaster intellectualized “the why” regarding their families . I’m glad the country isn’t their hands…or is it?

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