Welcome back from a long weekend! I am so glad that I had a good long break from my 2 jobs. Back to the grind tomorrow though. But all is good.

 I uploaded some old videos to YouTube today. These were some videos of me transition and how my new growth looked then (about 7 months ago). These videos are soo ROUGH. I look, act and talk like a ZOMBIE. please comment. I don’t mind if you make fun of them  (just don’t get ugly lol). But check them out if you want to.  I did have a flexi rod tutorial, which is one of the styles that I used a lot while transitioning.

I hope I can come up with some better videos with the help of my boyfriend who comes home in 2 weeks from Los Angeles. He is in film school, and we are planning a big surprise for you all….stay*tuned.


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