Natural Hair Styles

Fellow natural hair blogger Kinjee just posted her hair journey! (Thanks again Kinjee!) She mentioned that she did not know what to do at first when pertaining to styles as she transitioned…I can relate! Now,  I think from her blog pictures, I think she has got it down! Go Chica! I thought it may be helpful to post some pictures of natural hair styles that are easy (I am a DIY fan), affordable, and still sexy! So I will start by posting some of my own, and please feel free to comment on your own! 

Fan of it?

           Flaunt it!


 This is a flat-twist twist out. Kind of crunchy hold so it can last. Done by my old hairdresser in ATL. I miss you Star! This is a transitioning style.


2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styles

  1. Good read, there’s always things to learn. This is not the 1st time I come to your blog and that’s a nice place to be and read some clean articles. So keep up the good work! 😉

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